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Ladies and Women’s Handbags in Pakistan are Available for Buy Online

If you are looking to get ladies bags online, end your search as you’ve landed on the right page. TakeUpFirst takes pride in offering the most elegant collection of handbags for all the gorgeous women out there! Handbags truly represent your personality and one should take a chance while opting for the right look and of course the right handbag. Your bag is surely going to stand out when you order one from TakeUpFirst. We are one of the Pakistan’s leading brands selling online bags for ladies in Pakistan. There are many brands out there that may be offering amazing discounts but wait!

Women bags in Pakistan

What about the quality? That’s sure you won’t be disloyal to your aura and wont compromise on the quality. We’ve got the most amazing lineup for designer handbags at discounted rates in Pakistan, and what not we have a sale ongoing! Bags are a piece of art and not everyone understand what it feels to wear a luxury bag at your special occasions. From totes to luxury leather bags, we’ve got you all covered. Shop your favorite collection today and gear up your fashion statement!

Get your favorite ladies’ bag online at TakeUpFirst

At TakeUpFirst we don’t compromise on the quality of the products and make sure that every product that you offer is available in our warehouse. We have all the variety for working women who want to buy ladies laptop bags online for themselves. Buy your favorite bag for your laptop and get rid of the worry of carrying your laptop without a cover. Our laptop bags are made with high quality consumer friendly material and that too with a very mod look that impresses everyone. Online ladies bag sale in Pakistan is a thing that doesn’t happens too often. Don’t miss your chance to avail of our sale and get you favorite women bags online. We differentiate ourselves from other brands by offering original products with excellent customer service so you don’t have to get stuck any where throughout your shopping process. We’ve made it really easy to purchase original bags for ladies in Pakistan. If one knows the right place to physically go and buy handbags, the hassle to commute is the biggest problem in this fast world. Don’t wait a moment more, select your favorite bags from our online women bag shop. Our crew selects the globally best-selling articles and makes it possible for you to carry all the elegance with these online bags for ladies in Pakistan.

That’s your chance to lift up your handbag game!

Wondering why after all the expensive clothes and accessories you don’t see yourself complete? That’s because you need to get an edgy handbag from one of the ladies’ bag shops and TakeUpFirst is the best choice to opt. Our wide collection speaks it all. We’ve got your dream collection from all the designers and brands. Now, weather it you who want to buy a designer collection of ladies bag online or its your collegemate who wants a sleek, super cool bag for college. We’ll not disappoint you. Scroll through your favorite brands and designer collection. From floral handbag to cross-body, to premium shoulder bags shop whatever you want. Over time we’ve learned what makes our customers return is for sure the value we serve our customers with. At the most pocket-savvy rates we offer bags that are spacious and are made of quality material. At times women buy their bags online but are really unsatisfied with the quality of the product when they receive it. That’s because most of the online sellers are selling brands and articles that are rated- B. We at TakeUpFirst provide our customer with 100% original products at the most affordable rates so you can take your handbag game to the next level. Each of our products are crafted to showcase your elegance and let people talk about your new handbag. We’ve spent a lot of time crafting each bag and also selecting the best branded products for you.

Creating a new trend out of ladies’ handbags

Handbags are a luxury product that are considered as a precious gift since the ancient times. Over time the handbag industry has evolved with the fast-changing trend in this 22nd century. We bring to you the all-new updated collection of ladies leather bags online. Most of the women choose their handbags considering the space it has. It is usually the first thing a women searches for while buying online bags for ladies in Pakistan. Once they are satisfied with the space thing, the next is exterior. Majority of women tend to select mod and sleek design or prefer to go with leather bags instead. Another majority tends to have a different aspect and may check while buying women bag online, the texture, color, fabric, weather the bag is waterproof and of course some will search for durability. By the way as per the tradition, handbags are selected with comparison to the body texture and contrast. At TakeUpFirst we’ve researched all these aspects and demographics of women buying handbags online and accordingly crafted and brought to you the finest collection of handbags may it be your favorite tote bag or eye-catchy side bag. Don’t miss a moment more and order your now and get the perfect look as you always desired.

How to choose the best bag that matches your ambience

While searching for bags for ladies online in Pakistan, you should consider some of these facts:

  • If you are more ample, go for a substantial purse. It will make your features finer. Motifs are to be avoided.
  • Women who weigh less or a short heighted should more likely to go with small bags rather than going for long-strapped side bags that will overcome the all over look.
  • Professional women usually go with leather bags or sleek totes and bold styles that go along their look in the office, or formal events.
  • Women looking for ladies back bag online should visit our back bag section and order one now!
  • If you are looking to go casual can go with the floral bags. Also, street brands can fit accordingly with the overall look

By considering these points you can choose and select one that’s suits your personality from our diverse collection of handbags crafted with immense love for our customers. We’ve got your favorite tote as well as your signature leather handbag, so why wait? Shop now and up your handbag game!

What should your handbag collection have?

We know that you love to have a vast collection of handbags but not one. As we’ve got the whole variety of handbags let us share what should your collection need to have in order to be complete

You should of course, use different purses to your office and then later at a party and then a different one to a corporate meeting. So, you actually need to have all these handbags. Usually, women use clutches when going to meet their friends or attend a party whereas, a formal purse will completely suit your outlook at your office. Leather bags are a go-to in office as well as at a corporate meeting. Shop your favorite floral and formal bags from TakeUpFirst today and avail of amazing discounts.

This too, depends upon the occasion or the event you are using the bag for. You might be using a smaller bag when you know you need to carry less of your necessary things and while going out on a picnic or while taking a flight a plus sized handbag can be used to carry maximum number of things inside. Also, whenever you are carrying less of your stuff, a decent tote can be you go-to bag for the evening.

Coco Jones once said “When I want to treat myself, I will almost always get myself a new handbag”

No matter whatever bag you are carrying you’ll surely look upon for the super-cool look, sleek design, and the color tone that matches the persona. Our wide range of women bags online is surely the best place to shop all your desired variety at the most pocket-savvy rates you always desired.

Why Choose TakeUpFirst?

You might be wondering, there are multiple online ladies bag shop selling premium handbags, why should one choose TakeUpFirst. Being the market leader in the handbag industry we’ve served our audience with variety of products with hundreds and thousands of reviews online that our loyal customers have for us. We make sure that the quality served to our customers is the most premium out of all the products and this is the reason why our clientele always returns to us when they need to purchase new handbag. We know exactly what our customers need and we believe that we deliver the best quality products. Another thing that distinguishes us from other online ladies’ bag shops is the time that our products take to reach you. We make sure that the order is dispatched and delivered in the shortest possible time and reaches the customer safe and sound.

Do we still want to tell you what other qualities we have? I think we don’t, shop your favorite bag today for yourself or send a gift to your loved ones and know yourself what we deliver! Our exclusive collection will leave you in an aww for sure. What’s stopping you from buying one for you? The price? You surely pay a visit to a branded outlet and then compare. We’ve got the best price in the market for the product we are delivering.

Desire or Convenience?              

 Well, that seems like a choice if you want to get ladies handbag online according to your convenience or desire? Again, that’s a matter of collection. The more you have the more options you’ll have at every of the event, occasion or even on your daily routine. Some of the women sheerly focus on the sleekness and sharpness of detail in the bag and love to wear a luxury designer bag, whereas in their daily routine women tend to use more handy bags and that they can carry with ease while commuting to work or to the nearby grocery mart.

You can buy your favorite ladies’ handbag online at TakeUpFirst and be the women of the evening! You’ll probably going to tell your friends where you’d get this ladies handbag online, soon! Our variety has no less than the antique articles you’ve always wanted. Our excellent customer service is what  made us what we are today. ITS TIME FOR YOUR LADIES BAG AND PURSES ONLINE SHOPPING. Get amazing deals on TakeUpFirst and shop all your favorite handbags whether your desires or your spacious handy bags.


Much of talking! Its time to shop. Hurry up and shop your favorite handbag online in Pakistan. You’ll surely miss a chance if you miss the sale at TakeUpFirst. We’ve going amazing discounts on all your favorite tote bags and luxury side bags at extremely affordable prices. You’re getting a luxury brand under 3000PKR, what else is to ask for. We’ve made women’s bag online shopping too easy. Select your favorite brand and article from our shop and wear the finest bags in town!

We’ve got floral bags, your favorite totes, luxury leather handbags and sleek side bags. Buy ladies laptop bags online at discounted prices and add another antique handbag in your collection.

Choose bags that fit your needs and attire. If you don’t want a more secure bag because you can’t keep it in a locker then go for a one that is in your regular use but not the elite one that you use for your special occasions.

Ending up with the famous quote about handbags that says,

“Handbags, I don’t at all like them because they occupy my hands. My hands always have to be ready in case I need to slap somebody.”

Don’t Slap! Spread love, chill, and shop your favorite bags online at TakeUpFirst.