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A crossbody bag that can be converted into a crossbody is an elegant and versatile bag that you can use in a variety of ways. The bag comes with two handles, which can be worn using the shorter strap over your shoulder, or the strap that is long across your body. The bag also comes with a strap that can be detachable and has a shoulder pad that allows you to use it as a shoulder bag as well. If you’re trying to find the finest fabric for bags for your totes, we recommend solid fabric. For example, denim and canvas, which won’t easily tear or fray when exposed to the use of a lot of force.

5 Reasons You Should Make Your Own Convertible Cross Body:

  • Seam Rounding: Making bags with straight seams means that you can trim all the corners of the bag particularly on the handles. It’s long and tiring when you attempt to get it as smooth as you can using your machine’s tension settings, or by hand.
  • The perfect fit The Perfect Fit size of your bag as well as the dimensions of the individual it’s designed at, it is possible to design one with all parts that are perfect. Take measurements and put an elastic drawstring inside the bag to tie up any extra fabric. There’s no need to worry about a bag that’s tiny or with a drawstring too short.
  • Fabric Options Fabrics difficult to locate, custom order online, or wear out fast. For instance, you can make use of vinyl using an adjustable buy cross body bags in Pakistan , without losing the style.
  • Perfectly Placed Pockets Sewing your bags can allow you to place pockets in places which are appropriate for your everyday life. With a few minor adjustments it is possible to alter the purpose that your bags serve. For instance, you could carry a pencil case along the strap of your shoulder, but an umbrella holder inside the pocket on the outside for quick access.
  • Save money – You can save money by purchasing pre-made bags to meet your everyday needs, or creating two bags that have different functions, and they are both suited on your own body!

Converting your Cross-Body Bag

The supplies needed are:

  • A pair of handles to carry the bag. You’ll need at minimum 14 inches of each handle or they’ll bunch together when you attempt to wear the bag over your body.
  • A strap for your shoulder that is long enough to hang across your body and use as the Shoulder bags for sale It should be around 36 inches long. If the bag has a pad the pad should measure about 2 inches wide and 12” tall.
  • A zipper and lining fabric — 1 yard and 1 half yard each, however, more is more.
  • Double-sided fusible interfacing with two yards however, the more you have, the better.
  • A 1.25 inches zipper – you can purchase any size, however we suggest using a 1.5 inch zipper if you intend on carrying any heavy or fragile items. The smaller the zipper’s opening the more easy it will be to close and open it but be cautious not to overload it!
  • Put 6 wide nylon webbing on the outside edges on one handle. This will keep the strap during sewing to ensure no bunching as you cross your body.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Plan Plan out your bag, including all the different components you’d like to put in it, including straps and pockets.
  2. Drafting – You can begin by drawing a design or using an existing bag like messenger bags or totes and then tracing it on paper to create its basic design. If you’re designing your own custom bag, then you’ll have to alter the size of the pattern by hand.
  3. Cut Fabric – After you’ve drawn your pattern and chosen the materials you’ll need you can cut them in order to get them ready for sewing.
  4. Sew the diagram – In order to stitch the pattern, cut it out, and then put the fusible interfacing strips along the edges of each handle, and on a side seam. Utilizing an elastic, zipper, or other method to ensure that everything stays in place as you stitch.
  5. Create the Mini Bag For the handles to be attached for your bags, you’ll need stitch two identical pieces together at an angle that is right-angled with an extra 1/2 inch to each. Then , fold over all four edges of each piece, to make them square. Then place them in a position where they’re flat, then stitch all four sides. Below is an image of the way this piece will appear after you’ve sewn all four sides.
  6. Sew the long Handle Once the Mini Bag is finished in, take measurements and cut the length of the fabric to be the handle. To create a straight edge for the handle, sew a lengthy stitch approximately 3/8” away from the edge of the handle in a straight line.
  7. Sew the shorter handle – Measure and cut your shorter hand piece, which you’ll sew on the side seam of the Mini Bag. To create a neat, smooth edge on the handle Sew a long line approximately 3/8” from the edge, in a continuous line.
  8. Sew the Lining – The lining in your bag is stitched to one side in the mini bag leaving the other side to slide your hand into. If you’d like include some decorative stitches at the end to add some style.
  9. Sew the Zipper with the 1/4″ zipper, you’ll close this bag off by sewning the zipper on one side of the bag and closing it on both sides. In the event that you’re using less-slim zipper ensure that you don’t overload your bag, otherwise you’ll face a tough closing it quickly.
  10. Add an Handle – To attach the handle, simply add it to the bag on one side. If you’re planning to have an optional shoulder strap. Connect it to the opposite end of the strap so that it can be adjusted from both sides for various postures!
  11. Enjoy! You’ve designed an custom women handbags online store that’s not only a excellent fit for not only fashion and design and also your routine. Make sure you make one for yourself, and gift an original gift to someone that is truly special!

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