Frequently Asked Questions

What Shipping Options Are Available?

At present, we offer cash on delivery to ensure that our customers receive the items they want delivered to their doorsteps. We are also looking at other delivery methods too.

How Long does it take to Receive My Package?

We have a history of delivering packages to our customers within two to three working days, regardless of where they are. If there’s any unavoidable circumstances which could delay the delivery process We will not be responsible for the delay.

How Can I Track My Order?

We can be reached by giving us an incoming call or leave an email to reach our customer service. Simply provide them with the order number, and they’ll tell you through the process of determining its status for shipping.

Do I Need a Paypal Account To Make an Order?

There is no mandatory to sign up with a Facebook account to make an order. You can place your purchase as an individual via Facebook or directly through our customer service team.

Do I Get the Exact Product as in the Photo?

All the items shown on our website are authentic. We’ve engaged professional photographers to photograph our product shoot in order to ensure that customers are able to view digitally the product prior to taking a decision to purchase. The product you receive will be exactly the same item as shown on our website.

Where Can I View My Receipts for Sale?

If you add a item to your shopping cart complete the necessary details, and submit the order and you’ll be directed to the order’s completion page. Additionally we will send an email to your email address.

If you’d like to keep track of your purchases then you can sign up with us to keep track of the details of every order you’ve that you have placed.

What Can I Do to Change An Item?

We ensure that we deliver quality products that are as good as the ones shown in the images. Our team examines each item before sending it out to make sure that it’s not defective. If you do have any concerns with the product you received, you may contact our customer support within seven days of receipt of the purchase.

We will take into consideration your request and offer you the most appropriate solution.

Are you Willing to Replenish Items listed in the description as "out of stock"?

If the item you love isn’t in availability, we’ll try to get it back whenever we can. We often receive requests from our loyal customers to replenish certain products. However, the products we stock are sold quickly. When a manufacturer stops production of the item, we will not be able restock it.

Remember to visit our website often for any recent updates, and also keep an eye for “Out of Stock” items.

Where Can I Send my Order?

If you add a product to your cart, you’ll be taken to the checkout screen, where you will need to input your billing information. In that area you’ll be asked to input your address. We provide the option of sending the order to a different address, too. This means that you can send your package to any place that you wish.